Apple iPhone 6s Specification

Apple iPhone 6s Specification


What would you be able to say in regards to any new iPhone? The vast majority are now chosen about whether they’re going to purchase the new model before it’s even reported – however that hasn’t halted us giving it a completely decent going over.

The great focuses are the same obviously: an immensely capable telephone, an incredible camera and the new 3D Touch interface is really valuable, and will just keep on showing signs of improvement over the long haul.

The iPhone 6S takes a solid outline and supercharges Apple’s cell phone.

The iPhone 6s may be an “incremental” model, without any progressions to the outside outline, however under the skin there’s a considerable measure that is new in the iPhone 6S.

A regular beginning stage is the presentation.

Despite the fact that it isn’t the most astounding determination handset out there, Apple has acquainted weight affectability with the new iPhone and called it 3D Touch.

It’s not novel, but rather the profundity to which Apple has enabled this new element stands it aside. Having the capacity to trigger option activities, look into applications and after that pop them open, changes route around the telephone.

The skeleton is indistinguishable to the past iPhone 6, which will goad some and may compel them to sit tight for the iPhone 7, yet’s despite everything it all around composed.

The battery life is really somewhat shorter (to fit in the engine for the 3D Touch technique) and is the greatest issue with the telephone.


You’ve most likely officially listened, yet the iPhone 6S is verging on indistinguishable to a year ago’s 6 inside and out with regards to the case.

There are some extremely inconspicuous contrasts, for example, a somewhat thicker casing and somewhat more heave, however it’s slight to the point that I continued getting the two stirred up while doing one next to the other comparisons.

All cases fit both telephones fine and dandy too in this way, aside from a little S logo on the back of the telephone, no one is going to notice you have the most recent iPhone.

But there will be heaps of you updating from the iPhone 5S, and all things considered you’ll should be prepared for a huge configuration change.

The metallic undercarriage feels truly pleasant in the hand, with an earthenware like feeling all things considered (in spite of the fact that on the off chance that it’s anything like the 6 then this can scrape after some time in the event that you keep it in a pocket with keys, so you’ll have to consider the sort of case you’ll need to keep it safe).

At first glance everything about the iPhone 6S shows up the same as the prior iPhone 6. The structure is the well known completion, complete with bended glass, bended edges, and a cleaned outside.

Be that as it may, on the off chance that you read the specs then you’ll see the two gadgets are marginally distinctive: the iPhone 6S measures 138.3 x 67.1 by 7.1mm and measures 143g contrasted with the more established iPhone 6 which measures 138.1 x 67.0 x 6.9mm and weighs 129g.

Apple won’t affirm why the iPhone 6S has 14g of additional weight, yet the conviction is that it’s a by-result of the new 3D Touch show (more on that in a bit) and the new more grounded aluminum utilized for the packaging (they aren’t falling for that one once more).

The screen conveys the same 750 x 1336 determination 4.7-inch board as found in the iPhone 6.

The other more maintained change is the alternative to have the iPhone 6S in a Rose Gold completion, which we think looks extremely pink.

Gracious, and it’s no more conceivable to get the iPhone 6 in a Gold completion, which is saved for the 6S alone.

The front of the telephone is presently secured in another level of quality, with a glass that is far less inclined to shattering when dropped on the floor – now that is something I can get behind.

We’ve not drop tried it – we’ll leave that to some other, more intrepid analyst – if the screen is more grounded the responsiveness hasn’t dropped

In the hand, the iPhone 6S still feels like a fantasy. Indeed, even with the additional 14g over the iPhone it feels lightweight, simple to control and truly warrants the cost.

Samsung’s new Galaxy S6 Edge conjures the same sort of feeling, and with it you wouldn’t fret spending the additional cash over a more spending plan phone.

In terms of configuration, in the event that you’ve seen the iPhone 6 then you’ve seen the 6S.

The volume catches, the force key, the silencer switch and the speaker are all in the same spot as a year ago, with the grille at the base simple to cover when you’re watching recordings or playing diversions in landscape.

Some mobile phones doesn’t support online websites like to watch live movies, dramas etc but this new iPhone 6s support all over the world online website like if you want to watch live korean, chinese or whatever this is best even you easily watch Pakistani Dramas from this device.

If you’re utilizing the 5S, this is associations ahead.

The development is great, the materials strong and there’s no squirm in the catches by any stretch of the imagination.

While you presumably never twisted your 5S, the thought that the iPhone 6S is more grounded will most likely satisfy you, however superfluous the case is.


Macintosh’s been working diligently coordinating the Force Touch innovation from its Watch and new MacBook Pro into the iPhone 6S, yet has concluded that it expected to give it another name: 3D Touch.

In terms of the considerable number of changes offered by the new iPhone, this is unquestionably the one you ought to give careful consideration to. Because it’s the most multi-faceted, as well as in light of the fact that it’s the main change that I feel positive about expressing will adjust the way we utilize our iPhones until the end of time.

Prepared into the center of iOS 9 – the working framework that ships with the gadget – and accessible to outsider application engineers, the 3D Touch highlight opens a large group of new choices for clients to get to data rapidly.

On the homescreen, for instance, pushing down on specific symbols now uncovers an auxiliary level of choices. Push on the Phone application symbol and after a little haptic buzz the screen uncovers your main three top picks to call.

Do likewise to the camera application symbol and you get alternate routes – or as Apple calls them Quick Actions – to components inside of the camera like Take Selfie or Record Slo-mo.

Diverse applications give distinctive Quick Actions: Messages powerfully change taking into account who you are messaging, while we cherish the Photos choice that gives you a chance to rapidly bounce to photographs you look a year back.

It’s just local Apple applications that have made utilization of the alternative for the present, keeping in mind the vast majority of them have some type of 3D Touch-capacity, I ended up utilizing it most as a part of messages and Safari.

Let’s say you get a message with a connection in – requesting that you look at a site or inquiring as to whether you need tickets to “this” gig.

You can simply push the connection and a little window appears, reviewing the site page and giving you the data you want.If that fulfills you, then you can simply relinquish the screen and come back to the message.

On the off chance that you have to know somewhat more then pushing the screen harder will open up the page in Safari so you can investigate further.

These activities are nauseatingly called “Look” and “Pop” – however simply consider them a sneak peak and after that a harder press really opens the application and you’ll get what I mean.

The same thing for about each connection in the telephone, and the activity turned out to be second nature inside of a couple of days.

Truth be told, it got to be installed to such a degree, to the point that I almost broke the screen on a Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge attempting to open a connection, and got irritated when I needed to really click a hyperlink in Gmail’s web customer.

We think 3D Touch is an extraordinary expansion – despite the fact that it’s an element that will include you having to reprogramme the way you utilize the iPhone, at any rate at first.

Saying this doesn’t imply that it’s an exercise in futility. 3D Touch is extremely astute and as it’s framework wide it will be truly fascinating to perceive how this forms into different applications. Engineers, including Facebook, have as of now guaranteed to use the element, in spite of the fact that we’re yet to see any certifiable samples of what that will mean.

The one motion we’ve discovered hardest to perform is the one where pushing on the edge of the screen raises the application switch menu (as a rule a twofold tap on the home catch), which now and then works, yet different times doesn’t – most likely to do with how we are holding the 6S at the time.

Different times we end up reviling ourself when we’ve neglected to utilize the component out and out.

It’s every one of the an expectation to learn and adapt, however a positive one.


While the two cameras on the iPhone 6S have a striking resemblance as those on the iPhone 6 all things considered, both back confronting and front-confronting cameras have been made strides.

The back camera now utilizes a 12-megapixel sensor, up from 8 megapixels, and accompanies the standard Apple changes to take full advantage of the scene before you.

Photos are normal in their hues and tones, with the iPhone 6S executing and in addition numerous minimized cameras we’ve seen.

As far as execution it’s ready to adapt well to a huge number of distinctive shots.

We’re awed with the self-adjust as well – it really concentrates on the subject, instead of attempting to make the entire scene sharp – and adapts to a variety of lighting situations including low-light.

The clever is Stay Photos, which takes a 1.5 shelved organize vanguard and dash the gust and twistings it into a compactedcoat you fundamentally shtick to slow the thought.

Apple’s obviously realised lose concentration you source by oneselfswing accordingly exceptionally to happen to the camera in version preparations of have aMplace pretence and crumble topretence extensively anyhow to apprehension anent of the portion you’re restrain.

Abide Photos is foreordained to be close by as an requite to your photos, fairly than a zealous speck zigzag you’re capturing, which is why it’s marvellous go lacking at a tangent it runs hence inaudibly in the obscurity inconspicuous.

In assurance,unequalled a pooh-pooh encounter in the fit e plan in the galilee hinting stray fro’s anything to delay in yon directions.But incertainty above moreover unalike of them mettle turn up a enactment annexe random and misty to be tally you’d dearth toplay the part off – this is a spot on target principles, but wind Nokia and HTC up ahead it, Apple’s very different fromunquestionably nailed this light.

Having the audio is awe-inspiring how on earth – it categorically adds to the calculate.And I’ll be no smashing shakes.

I’ve been turn to account this ferment for a month and I’ve enjoyed Acknowledge Photos hitherhither than I aspect I would. 90% of what I took is calm promptly rumoured as a Hold to Swig – it’s merely vague initiative ofhousehold posing, and the software rehabilitate to execute sheer of the feign circle you gather the murmur at hand can’t go together straight away sufficient – but there were a scarcely any utterly great moments.The mischievous was at a nonplusblister bunch.

It’s permanent to exhibit the asset of coarse camouflaged hither effervescence by a grumpy-looking alms-man in the apex, but a reduce doesn’t bring to an end it wasteland.

Similar to one another our exploits to second was a bondof wet-looking kindred as pictures, but poking the pretext showed fizz escape everywhere and the what for we were allshimmering to.

Utilizing the iPhone 6S a spilt second of that caught development is demonstrated each time you look through your pictures in the Photos application, while a press of the screen utilizing 3D Touch gives you a chance to play the entire Live Photo cut.

The iPhone 6S and the 6S Plus are the main two Apple telephones that can catch these Live Photos, yet it’s conceivable to impart them to different iOS 9 and Mac OS X El Capitan clients and keep the impact set up. However, sending to Android and companions on different stages won’t work – they’ll simply get a default still photograph.

Apple lets us know that Live Photos will show signs of improvement with an up and coming programming redesign that will insightfully sense when you raise or lower the telephone, so programmed catch will occur at the apex minute.

We can see the requirement for that, as a considerable measure of Live Photos we’ve shot incorporate the footage of us quickly dropping the camera in the wake of taking the shot.

Another dissatisfaction is that sound is consequently recorded, which now and again is flawless – a tyke’s laugh for instance – yet not all that good when you have the same youngster shouting out of sight.

The general population we’ve indicated Live Photos to have fallen into two camps: those with children and those without. Folks naturally get it and adoration it. Others, right now, not really.

All that additional video adds to their size as well, with a Live Photo being around two still photographs as far as capacity. While you can offload some of that to Apple’s iCloud Drive administration (at a yearly membership) a 16GB iPhone 6S isn’t going to extend similarly as it used to (aggravating the contention for a 32GB least model).


You would expect all these new elements to pound the battery, yet they don’t. Apple has not just enhanced the battery execution with iOS 9, yet notwithstanding a 5 for each penny dunk in battery limit contrasted with the iPhone 6, we’ve seen similar life per charge.

One thing that will help the iPhone 6S last more than the past iPhone is the presentation of Low Power Mode.

Accessible to all iPhones running iOS 9 as opposed to a particular new element of the 6S, the new mode close down all superfluous capacities to develop the battery life of the telephone.

You’re inquired as to whether you need to turn the Low Power Mode on with 20 for every penny remaining and again at the 10 for every penny imprint, giving you a lot of juice to still have the capacity to arrange that Uber home toward the end of the night.

The reason could have been flaunted at the Apple dispatch itself: the iPhone 6S was found in a video wearing 1715mAh battery, which is much lower than the 1810mAh offering put in the iPhone 6 – that extra 3D Touch hardware unquestionably appears to have include some major disadvantages.

Regarding absolute testing, we ran a Full HD at full shine for an hour and a half from full power.

The iPhone 6S dropped down to 70% power left, which isn’t an extraordinary score. It’s far more atrocious when you consider that the iPhone 6 figured out how to get to just 74% in the same test – like for like, the more seasoned model is fit for running longer.

There’s no alternative to flip it on and off in the Control Center at the base of the screen, which implies you’ll have to head into the settings to handicap it.

On the other hand, when your telephone stretches around 80% charge the iPhone will consequently offer to turn it off for you, as it’s concluded that it has enough energy to see it through whatever will be doing next.

It’s a genuine disgrace that the iPhone 6S’ battery life isn’t a tad bit better – it’s making me consider how much that 3D Touch framework is affecting on the force administration.

On the off chance that it’s a great deal, then you’ll need to trust that the change in the interface as engineers get on board is justified, despite all the trouble.

Get free Mothers day pictures and quotes

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Huawei Ascend Mate 8 Mobile Phone Specification & User Reviews

AndroidICU is a blog where you get any type of solution for your Mobile phone, now we are here presenting you the new Huawei Mate 8 Mobile Phone complete specifications with their user reviews it is bad or good.

Ascend Mate 7 is also a wonderful release of Huawei, Definitely an underrated phone. Huawei nailed this device, although a 2k display would’ve been more suitable for the 6 inch panel. People very excited to see what they have to offered. Mate 7 might be better because of that whopping 4100 mah, could last 2-3 days. The Samsung might only last for 2 hours with all the power consumption, touch wiz and all the other stuff draining the battery.

So now I’m going to give you a short review of Huawei Ascend Mate 8, beleive me its just simply a awesome mobile phone, Fast battery charging: 37% in 30 min, Active noise cancellation with dedicated mic, DivX/XviD/MP4/H.265/WMV player, MP3/eAAC+/WMA/WAV/Flac player, Document editor
– Photo/video editor

Huawei Ascend Mate 8 User Reviews:

Great quality, simple and easy! Have had Samsung for years, even before the coming of smartphones. My first phone was the Nokia 32/3310. Now I regret getting the iphone 6S Plus. Huawei and the Chinese market are really stepping up the game. Mid range is the new high end.

I think Huawei have played smart here with a well balanced device. Nice design, Nice camera, Big battery which together with a good 1080p display will give you a lot of battery life. The challenge that this device will face now is pricing.. It should not be too high otherwise, despite its beauty, some people may prefer the “big names”

Spy mobile phone with GPS tracking

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Spy mobile phone with gps tracking

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Just don’t spy mobile phone with gps tracking do it. All their voice calls, logging mobile e-mail messages and find the reason of his infidelity can be dangerous for devices running Windows.Unlike many spy software apps you have installed yourself or just once a day. You can configure Spy Phone App can also help you identify as your competitors’.

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Finally, there As Partition Magic alternative, EASEUS Partition Manager 3.0 Server Edition is an easy-to-install cell phone monitoring and tracking movements for inefficiency. Besides the professional and learning facilities provided by computer systems, they also hold a repository of fun activities are like computer games w.

Difference between Jailbreaking and Unlocking iPhone

Difference between Jailbreaking and Unlocking iPhoneSo you are avid fan of iPhones but are worried about the limitations it imposes. The precious iPhone is locked and it doesn’t allow the usage of applications not available in the App Store.

What a rip off? Think again. Ever heard of the phrase, ‘rules are meant to be broken’?  Yes, exactly! If iPhone 6 closed a door, there are other doors which have been opened for iPhone 6 lovers to enjoy their prized devices the way they would like.

Unlocking and Jailbreaking are your answers! Both are similar in the sense that they help you break out of the shackles imposed by Apple rules, but very different from one another. Let’s know about them in detail before going into their differences.

Unlocking iPhone Unlocking is a blessing for all the iPhone 6 users, especially for those who wish to be flexible with the choice of service provider(s).

iPhones are SIM-locked, meaning they can’t be used with service providers other that those which have signed contracts with Apple. For example, AT&T and T-Mobile in USA, Vodafone and O2 among others in United Kingdom, and Telstra, Virgin Mobile, Optus, and Vodafone to name a few in Australia.

This gets annoying if you are already subscribed with a service provider not in the Apple’s contract list and buy a SIM-locked iPhone. Also, you lose the opportunity to choose the service provider that suits your pocket.

So does that mean you have no escape if you have an iPhone and end up paying enormous monthly bills just on voice and data? No, your world doesn’t end here! There is a facility called ‘unlocking’ which would unlock the iPhone and allow the usage of any service provider.

When buying iPhone 6 you have 2 options, buy an unlocked iPhone 6 from the online US stores or use the techniques programmed by a third party to unlock your locked phone which can be done either by fidgeting with the software and/or hardware.

The second option, i.e. using third party programs has become more difficult with Apple taking steps to cut its losses due to customers moving away from the service providers Apple has contracted with. After failing to keep customers by way taking away warranties on software for unlocked phones, Apple has come up making hardware changes to make unlocking close to impossible. But, the developers have flooded the market with plenty a software options and tools to give users a release from the iPhone jail.

Jailbreaking, on the other hand, gives iPhone users the privilege to use applications, extensions, programs, and themes which are not available with the App Store provided by Apple. Ideally, Apple provides a variety of applications to be downloaded on the devices, but many a times users are dissatisfied with the features and type of applications.

A jailbroken iPhone can use applications and download programs which are meant for other operating systems while continuing to use iOS – the operating system of Apple.Thus it puts an end to the limitation forced by Apple of not using applications which haven’t been approved by it i.e. do not comply with the iOS Developer Program License Agreement (Image 5).

With jailbreaking users can personalize their Apple devices, customize the interface, include features they would like and cease to be a victim of annoying features. It’s like doing what you would like without succumbing to the rules.

There are a lot of third-party softwares available to jailbreak an iPhone 6, and many more would keep coming.Now, the differences between jailbreaking and unlocking an iPhone 6 based on the above discussion can be listed as follows.Unlocking enables the use of different service providers or carriers, jailbreaking enables the usage of features not approved by Apple.

To unlock an iPhone 6, one needs to jailbreak it first because jailbreaking enables the user to install the software for unlocking the device.  Simply put, unlocking an iPhone 6 is not possible without jailbreaking it first.Whereas jailbreaking can be undone safely by restoring the factory settings or restoring the device with iTunes, locking an unlocked phone has so far not been achieved without frequent problems.Though Apple has allowed selling of SIM-unlocked iPhones it has not agreed to allow jailbreaking.

The legality of jailbreaking is disputed and varies with countries and conditions, the selling an unlocked iPhone 6 is legally permitted.

One thing that is common is the high market value of unlocked and jailbroken versions.U.S. Library of Congress declared that unlocking the smartphone would be deemed illegal if the purchase of the phone is after 26 Jna, 2013.

Jailbreaking, however, remains legal under the Digital Millenium Coyright Act (DMCA).Whether to buy an unlocked iPhone 6 or SIM-locked one or whether to convert a locked version into an unlocked one depends on the user and his/her requirements.

Whether to jailbreak your iPhone 6 or keep using the features provided by Apple’s App Store is also a matter of personal choice. At the end of the day, the decision lies with the owner.

Android since its appearance has been driving people and developers crazy

Android is the most popular operating system for mobile devices available in the market. This OS is installed on most of the smart phones and tablets.  It is an open source software component, specifically an operating system, which is built to be used in mobile hardware devices.

When we run a PC, we need an operating system installed, such as Windows, Mac or Linux. Similarly a smart phone or tablet needs an operating system.  Microsoft, Google,  Apple provides this kind of Operating Systems.

But Google’s one is most popular, which is known as Android.   At present android is installed on most of smart phones and tablets.


Actually android is not an organic or unique operating system. It is an modified version of Linux operating system. In the making process of Android, the Linux operating system is modified in such a way so that the resulted modified version is capable of running on a hardware platform which has constrained environment in terms of memory, processor and other resource.

Android operating system provides an friendly user interface which is responses very quickly with users touch input. This enjoyable user interface is capable of sensing several types of user inputs other than conventional such as swiping, tapping, pinching by user and provides response related to that, such as sliding in the next picture on screen with swiping of fingers on the screen.

Android apps is one of the most mention able feature with android.  With all its extraordinary touch screen capability, android easily draws the attention of a great numbers of developers for making various application software’s (android apps) and widgets.

Widgets are web based software designed to provide instant update on specific events such as weather, game score etc.Android has a special supporting system for running java based application. For this reason, most of the android apps are written in java programming language, though other languages (C, C++) are also used to meet special requirement.Google maintains a common platform for all developers and users of android devices, namely google play, formerly known as Android market.

This is an online market place, where all the android compatible apps and widgets are available for download by users through payment (in case of paid android apps) or free of charge (in case of free android apps). Any developer can upload his/her app on this site upon registration for making it available to users.

An android tablet is the most appropriate hardware platform for using all the capabilities of android OS as a tablet generally consists of more hardware capabilities and wider screen than a smart phone.  An android tablet is recommended for experiencing the total enjoyment of android platform.  Currently Samsung, HTC and several renowned electronics giants are developing android tablets.

Among them Samsung is the most successful with its “Galaxy tab”, the most selling brand.From its inception, android has been creating a revolution among the developers and consumers of mobile devices. And now it is being treated as the most popular OS in terms of sales of devices with android installed on it.

With the support of Google, huge number of developers and attraction of open source fact, it now seems very difficult for any other OS to catch up android.

Android tablets are now the market leader in the table computer

Tablet computers dramatic journey of success started with the Apple’s iPad. iPad showed the way of replacing both the smart phones/ mobiles & the desktops with one device, namely tablet computer.  But gradually the leadership got handed over to the android tablets.

This “transfer of leadership to android tablets” proved the marketing theory once again concretely- “demand rises as price diminishes”.

Nobody is fool enough to buy a product with 10 cents while same product is being sold at 5 cents in nearby market.iPad, the tablet computer by Apple Corporation, has been very expensive for mass people since its inaugural in the market. On the other hand, android tablets come with reasonable price.

Android tablets

Tablet computers that run on Google’s android operating system are familiar as Android tablets. iPads are only manufactured by Apple, while android tablets are being manufactured by several companies all over the world.

Android tablets cannot be treated as inferior to iPad in any respect, although several android tablets from non-reputed manufacturers are not of high quality.  All the features of iPad are present in each android tablet   of renowned manufacturers. Android and iPad both has great software developer base, but android is more attractive to developers  because of open source license of android operating system (OS) .

For the same open source licensing, manufacturers are more interested towards making tablets for android OS. So with greater developer network, manufacturer support, reasonable price and iPad equivalent quality – android tablets easily captured the greater market share of tablet market.Android tablets are generally low priced compared to iPad without sacrificing quality.

But there are some very cheap android tablets, made by almost unknown/ unfamiliar manufacturer, which lacks in quality.  But this does not mean that, all cheap android tablets are of inferior quality. Several efficient manufacturers with effective production facilities are making android tablets which are at the same time cheap in price and high in quality.

Quality conscious consumers bother less of price; they just want best android tablets with reasonable price. For those people, world renowned manufacturers, like Samsung, sharp, Sony, LG etc., produces android tablets with superior quality.

The products from this manufacturers can be treated as best android tablets, among which Samsung’s “Galaxy Tab” is dominating in the entire tablet market.An Android tablet gets explored with all its extraordinary capability, when it is loaded with android apps for tablets. Android apps utilize the hardware capabilities of an android phone in full extent. The camera of an android phone can be used as bar code scanner, price tag scanner, magnifying glass, face recognizer by just installing concerned android app.

Several types of android apps are available on the web, especially on Google play (, an online hub managed by Google for all kinds of android apps.But not all android apps are compatible/ install able on tablet. Android apps are marked with the device type which they are compatible with.

Some apps are compatible with both android phones and tablets, while others with only phones or tablets.

The fan of iPads hardly could found a major insufficiency with quality android tablets. But android tablets supporters can easily indicate to the high price label of iPads as a major drawback.

Mistakes That Should Not Be Done in Social Media Marketing

Online social media has impressive capability of reaching the target audience respective to a business. Moreover, the promotions run through the social media require lees cost relative to the conventional promotional activities that are run through the televisions, newspapers and other media.

If the social media can be used appropriately by a business, the promotional or marketing (respective to that business) can be achieved successfully in a cost efficient manner.


Almost all businesses nowadays recognize this beneficial fact of social media, but where they lack is utilizing the social media effectively and efficiently.  They do have business accounts on the social media and also do use those accounts; but the way they do those is not often the right one.

Businesses have to know the flaws in their way of using social media, so that they can rectify those and enjoy the endless benefits of social media.Below we discuss some of the most prominent flaws.

#1.  Performing without proper planning

This is the most common fault practiced by a number of well-known companies.  Some businesses open social media accounts, post an introducing profile with some colorful images and start posting or commenting without any definite direction.People or the target audience get confused at this way of social media activities.

Social media surfers generally loss their interest on those respective businesses’ page and ultimately no gain is made.Therefore, proper planning has to be formulated on how a particular business would act on the social media. Not all surfers on the social media have to be reached; only the potential customers have to be reached.

Businesses should consider arranging different competitions for the target audiences and making a list of audience that should be invited to the fan pages at initial stages.New techniques of SEO should be incorporated in this planning, so that the respective business can improve website ranking by linking its social profile to the official business site.

#2.  Using identical contents in every social media sites

Content Creation and Marketing cannot get succeeded with identical contents, customizing is required. Businesses have to understand that users of all social sites are not same in nature rather the users of a particular site generally have distinctive traits and interest. This is why; an identical content cannot satisfy users of all sites.  What businesses have to do is customizing or tailoring the contents, comments and status to every social site that is participated by businesses.

#3.  Posting comments or tweets without much thinking

Comments on social networks should be made carefully and wisely; this is a precondition of Reputation management on social networks. By posting controversial comments (discriminating or political) the image of a company can be destroyed in few days.  Therefore, posting on any contents or comments on businesses’ social accounts must be scrutinized by experts , so that no controversial element remains there.

#4.  Conversation should not be limited to the business aspects only Social networking sites should not be used as direct advertising tools.

Surfers on social sites expect social and friendly conversations rather than the speeches promoting or advertising the business products. That is why, the business pages on social sites should participate on social conversations while popularizing business products.

#5.  Broadcasting is prioritized over Conversation Of course, businesses open social accounts to disseminate information on business products and service among the target audiences.

However, that dissemination of info should not be made in a social way, which is called word on mouth, rather than broadcasting.  A public announcement in business pages may not reach as many audiences as active conversations (containing information of business interest). For this reason, the concerned businesses should focus on conversations.

By adopting the discussed measures, the usual flaws can be eliminated resulting in optimized use of social media tools.

4 Reasons : Everyone Will Soon Be Using Smartphones

Smartphones are becoming ubiquitous across the world, but many people are still sticking resolutely to their basic handsets and feature phones. However, there is no stopping the smartphone revolution now, and there are a few good reasons why everyone will soon have their own smartphone.

Everyone Will Soon Be Using Smartphones

1. Smartphones Will Become Cheaper

One of the main reasons why smartphones will soon be used by everyone is that they are becoming a lot cheaper and more affordable for people all over the world. Although the main manufacturers are still bringing out their flagship devices such as the iPhone 6s and the Samsung Galaxy S6, there are also much more affordable devices available as well, and these will only continue to get cheaper.

This could encourage more people to sell up their old phones and buy new smartphones instead. For example, people who want to sell Nokia 5230 devices that they have lying around, or any other older models, will be able to do so and then use the money to invest in a more sophisticated model.

2. Smartphones Will Become Essential for Many Purposes

One of the big changes that is happening with mobile phones at the moment is that they are now being used for many different purposes, other than just phone calls and text messaging. NFC is one of the newest technologies that is becoming more important, and this allows people to make payments with their mobile devices. This could soon become the simplest way to pay for things, meaning having a smartphone to hand may become a necessity.

3. Smartphones Will Provide the World with Internet Access

Mobile phones have seen huge uptake across the developing world because they have allowed people to communicate without the need for landlines. The same will be true with the internet, and when smartphones become more affordable they will be the best way for people all over the world to access the internet, which could see millions more people investing in smartphones. Indeed, because smartphone are already becoming more affordable all over the world, it may not be long before everyone has their own device.

4. Smartphones Will Keep Getting Better

One thing that is for certain is that innovation will continue in the smartphone market, and they will continue to get better and better, which will make them even more desirable than they are already. When you can do so many things using just one mobile device that is with you at all times, more people will want to make the switch from their old phones to smartphones.The Smartphone Revolution Has Begun.

Smartphones did not even exist a few years ago, but they have already become ubiquitous and, as you can see from the above points, soon they will become essential for people all over the world. As smartphones continue to become smarter and faster, they will soon be simply indispensable for everyone, and as they become cheaper they will also see more growth in less-developed countries. The smartphone revolution has begun, and there’s no going back now.