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{{Live}} iPhone 7 Launch Event - 7th September 2016

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iPhone 7 Launch Event
A few days before the keynote, KGI think know the specifications of the iPhone 7.

So we found:

- SoC A10 2.4Ghz engraved by TSMC
- A new color "piano black" (or Deep Black)
- A 12MP camera dubbed the iPhone 7 Plus, with two different focal lengths: wide-angle zoom and 4 LEDs for better night shooting
- A better screen (better gamut?)
- 32GB and 256GB entry-maximum
- 2GB of RAM on the iPhone 7 and 3GB on 7 More
- EarPods of lightning and a jack adapter supplied
- Faster proximity sensor
- Water resistance IPX7, as Apple Watch

The analyst believes finally that sales volumes will be more limited than for the iPhone 6s, in the order of 15/20%.

iPhone Launch Event
iPhone 7 Live Launch Event
 iPhone 7, Apple Watch 2, iOS 10 HomeKit ... that the Apple keynote reserve

The Apple keynote will take place Wednesday, September 7 from 19h (French time). An event that Direct Matin will cover live from San Francisco. We reserve he?If the iPhone 7 will be the star of this fall, other products and applications will be announced at this event. Starting with the Apple Watch 2, the plastic could be revealed. The famous HomeKit solution, including many startups have seized in recent years, could also make an appearance to show new applications around home automation.
The iPhone 7 on a throne
Apple does not hide more, the Keynote of 7 unveil the iPhone 7, as underlined word play around the invitation sent to the press for the event. End of the jack, new headphones, sealing, double image sensors, True Tone screen ... These are rumors of new features and innovative strengths to the nouvau high-end smartphone from Apple brand.

A new Apple Watch?
If Apple Watch 1st generation was marketed late April 2015, it was unveiled for the first time to the public during the keynote of September 2014. Two years later, the brand fans hope will get a new version the connected watch. Nothing is less sure of the Apple side, who might be tempted not to disclose anything, unless it will be launched for the Christmas holidays.
iPhone Launch Event 7th September 2016
The first rumors surrounding this second generation say the Watch the overall design would not change. His new assets would rather be locked in its case, including a new battery with significantly greater autonomy to the previous model.
iOS 10 officially available
And ten for Apple. Announced in June and beta testing various object recent months, iOS 10 is finally available for all iPhone and iPad users in September. Many features have been added, including a new redesigned messaging, that showcases the emoticons, to stickers and GIF. What compete Messenger Facebook is beginning to take a serious advantage over the competition.
HomeKit on the turn?
In home automation, Apple offered a solution that many start-ups and companies have appropriated, like Withings. HomeKit could therefore make a detour to the keynote to offer new features based on numerous connected devices, the market explodes.
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iPhone 7: Waterproof and almost unbreakable?

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The iPhone 7 will be much stronger, thanks to Gorilla Glass slab 5 and resistance to water.

This is a very subjective criterion, but we must admit that the iPhone are among the best phones on the market. Design Made in Cupertino is indeed a reference and it is not for nothing that many brands are inspired largely.

This design, as beautiful as it is, also has its weaknesses, including a relative fragility in some falls. The iPhone is a smartphone that does not like water, unlike many of its competitors. Two arguments may not be able to use the detractors of the smartphone to Apple at the iPhone release 7.

iPhone 7 Waterproof and Unbreakable

An ultra-resistant screen

First good news, the iPhone 7 could finally no longer fear the old set of keys left in your pocket! The specialist Corning has indeed to announce the release of "Gorilla Glass 5".

This new type of tempered glass still push a notch above the resistance of our screens and may survive falls from height 1.60m. It would also be more scratch resistant. In its statement, Corning Gorilla Glass said that the 5 will "present on models of global brands products later in the year." If nothing is official for the iPhone 7, it is unclear how the latter could miss out.

A waterproof iPhone 7? Not so sure !

Another rumor relayed in particular by the Daily Express, the iPhone 7 would finally become waterproof. For now, this rumor is based on a leaked video showing an iPhone displaying the message "Liquid has been detected in your Lightning connector. To protect your iPhone, disconnect and allow the Lightning accessory connector dry. "

The seal is not mentioned here, but the iPhone 7 should at least warn us in case of splashing water to avoid short-circuit. The only thing that remains certain is that as the days go by, we get closer to the release of the next flagship of Cupertino!
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The features of the iPhone 7 ? September 2016

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We are only four days of special event where Apple will officially unveil the iPhone 7 (read: A special Apple event September 7th). We already know a lot about the next Apple phone, starting with its design emblazoned more discrete antennas, a bigger camera (single iPhone 7, double iPhone 7 Plus) and no jack. The Ming Chi Kuo analyst offers this weekend a summary of the features of new phones. Some points are already known, such as the transition from 16 GB to 32 GB of storage for entry-level models, but others are new ... and quite crunchy! 

On the side of design, Ming-Chi Kuo indicates the arrival of small innovations: new colors would actually make their appearance (many rumors had mentioned this possibility in recent months). Sidereal gray should disappear and be replaced by two new models dark: a "black dark" mat and a "piano black" brilliant. These colors are also found on the web this week thanks to Japanese site Macotakara, who was able to obtain the SIM drawer upcoming phones. However, Ming-Chi Kuo says that because of production problems, the color "piano black" might only be reserved only for high capacity models. 

The side of the processor, the iPhone would have a 7 logically Apple A10 chip, manufactured by TSMC. The latter could display a frequency of 2.4 GHz, 1.85 GHz against "only" for the iPhone 6s. Storage, it would be 32 GB, 128 GB or 256 GB. The RAM would be unchanged for the iPhone 7, which would thus be 2 GB, but the iPhone 7 Plus it would reach 3 GB. This new feature would be particularly useful for manage the dual camera sensor which would be reserved for this model. 

This dual camera, precisely, would consist of two modules of 12 megapixels, large-angle sensor and a long lens. Software possibilities offered by Apple are unknown for now, but these are of course very promising. On the side of the iPhone 7, few details are mentioned but Ming-Chi Kuo said that the flash from two to four LEDs to be most efficient for pictures taken in low light. 

Monitors, meanwhile, would retain the same resolutions at present. However, it would be good news slabs resume most of the features of the screen of the iPad Pro 9.7 ". The iPhone 7 and iPhone 7 Plus should therefore adopt the True Tone feature, which allows the colorimetry of the slab is adjusted according to the ambient light. 

The proximity sensor is also updated, from LCD technology in laser technology. It would be more reactive and capable of detecting a presence over a longer distance. Apple has thought to offer the possibility to control the iPhone with gestures made above the screen, but Ming-Chi Kuo is not in capacity to assert if the feature has been finalized. 

As we have seen in recent days (read: iPhone 7: jack adapter and up to 256 GB), the EarPods headphones would be modified to no longer work with the jack, replaced by the Lightning connector. The space gained by removing the jack would be used to improve the sensor dedicated to the management of Force Touch, and the second gate which will replace the jack would not be a second loudspeaker but a mysterious new sensor for " Force Touch enhance the experience. " 

Finally, the new iPhone 7 and 7 More ... would both waterproof! The new phones would receive indeed IPX6 certification, which allows use in water up to 1 meter for 30 minutes. Apple's requirements on this point would be such that its Chinese subcontractors have known many production problems. That would be one reason stocks rather low at launch. 

It remains unknown about the iPhone 7 and iPhone 7 Plus, starting with their pricing but especially by the various software innovations that will be made possible by the new hardware. We look forward to meeting you Wednesday, September 7 to 19h on Consomac to discover ads Apple Live!
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iPhone 7 256GB internal memory

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In four days of the presentation by Apple iPhone 7 and iPhone 7 Plus in Paris, forecasts and rumors are rife about its future potential strengths. The latest rumor regarding mobile storage capacity which could reach record. Its internal memory can, in fact, up to 256 GB. The Chinese social network Weibo, which circulated photos of stickers stating this fact, is the cause of this hypothesis.


iPhone 7 - 256GB internal memory 

 Our colleagues explain that "the mention 256 Go figure conspicuously in the document header for the iPhone 7-256 GB. Apple should logically follow the pattern established by previous iPhone. The iPhone 7" standard "should also offer 256 GB of internal memory. " According to information from the site, "the base model of the iPhone 7 will have an internal memory to 32GB, the midrange has 128 GB (64 GB instead of the current generation."

IPhone 7 and 7 more will be introduced by Apple Wednesday, September 7 at 19h in Paris.
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